Tuesday, July 28, 2009

burlington, vermont

i spent this past weekend in the green mountains.

returning to burlington brought back an instant rush of happiness and wellbeing. life in vermont is perfection. everyone is laid-back, friendly and out to have a good time.

i think annie said it best when saying that “everyone in burlington just wants to enjoy life.” not only do people want to enjoy their lives, they genuinely want you to enjoy yours, as well. there is such positive energy encircling the city. the pace there is not fast, nor slow. “you do not rush from point a to point b”, said ms. annie, “but at a speed that allows you to appreciate the entire process.” agreed.

the kindliness that i encountered this weekend was unbelievable, and i instantly remembered what it was like to live there. good things just happen in this city. annie and i are always amazed at the synchronicities that occur. you never know who you will run into and what treasures you will find. the simple things are what make you smile the most. it is so easy to appreciate everything there.

there is something so simple yet incredibly special about this city. burlington is inspiring.

and i can’t believe i ever moved away.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


since moving to the city, i have found seven lucky pennies. i have been saving them all. it is so lovely to walk down the street and find one.

this past weekend, emily and i were talking about what we do when we come across pennies that were tail-side up. we decided that next time we found one, we would flip it over for someone else to have the good luck.

yesterday, i was walking down fifth avenue, saw tails, flipped it over and ten feet later found another penny, heads. lucky.


i am starting this blog to remember the most beautiful things in my life.


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