Saturday, February 25, 2012

time management

last night emily, justin, andre, ben and i saw the dead fingers in park slope and then had a massive feast at daisy's diner. i stayed over in brooklyn and then met my friend for brunch at the brooklyn star in williamsburg. after brunch it started to snow and i had an epic journey ahead of me to get back into manhattan. the L is not running this weekend so, from the g to the f to the m15 select bus, it took over an hour to get home. i just crawled back to my warm apartment and even though i have some work to do tonight, i can't stop staring at the stack of magazines in my bedroom. i suppose it is a lot to keep up with, 11+ subscriptions plus the foreign fash mags that i buy each month at magazine cafe, but i must find the time read them all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

gone forever

i once had a little mirror. it was hot pink plastic, in the shape of a heart, and on the back of it was a purple rhinestone heart. i loved it. i remember driving to my aunt's house with my mother, grandmother and older brother. vague memory, but i was sitting behind the driver's seat and i had the mirror in my hand. as soon as we got out of the car, my brother took it from me and threw it in the woods. never to be seen again. i must have been three or so, but i still remember. and i am still slightly bitter.

other things that i loved, lost/broken and think about:

heart necklace
on a family trip to the american museum of natural history in the city when i was nine, i bought a little crystal heart necklace at the gift shop. to remind me of the gem and mineral room, of course. that room has always been my favorite. anyway, i remember playing out on our front lawn when i realized that i was no long wearing it. i had an inkling that it fell near one of the trees but i was never able to find it. i looked for it for years. when ben and i went to the museum in april, they no longer sold that necklace.

green ring
it was emily's birthday weekend and all six of us piled into justin's suv. one of us had to sit in the trunk. alternating. but we went over to the brooklyn flea in fort greene and i bought two marvelous pieces of jewelry. a crystal bracelet that i am over-the-moon about but rarely wear because i am that afraid of losing it [because i did lose it! but it was returned to me], and a massive, [faux] emerald ring. seen below:

the emerald fell out. somewhere. i don't even remember where, but i think it might have been lost in my apartment. i still have the metal ring so i suppose i could easily replace the stone with another lovely big jewel. i just haven't yet. the ring and the bracelet were five dollars each.

pink ring
oh, this was my favorite forever 21 jewelry purchase. ever. it came as a set of five rings, but i really only wanted the gold band with the magenta stone. i actually bought two sets. just in case anything happened to the pink ring. and something did happen! maybe i should just not think these thoughts. the stone broke off within a few days. and the same thing happened to the next. yet it seems funny because absolutely nothing happened to the other rings in the set. which i've been wearing on and off for over a year now. whatever.

here is a wonky picture of the beauteous ring that i took on photobooth at ben's old apartment this summer:

i look for a duplicate of this ring everywhere. but nothing ever seems exactly like it. not in stores, not on etsy. it should be fairly easy to find another, right? but i just haven't. have you seen it?

le sigh. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

nyfw FALL 2012

the monday before fashion week started, i got an iPhone and quickly became an addict. au revoir, blackberry. so you can imagine how much fun i was having using instagram backstage. even though i have always thought the app was super cheesey, once i actually had it, i was hooked.

pretties backstage at marc by marc jacobs:

and even though the pictures' saturations and contrasts were all changed with i.g., all of the beautiful things [and people] i captured still would have been just as lovely.

and the models! they're so young, but so fab. one of my favorites is daphne groeneveld. she caught my eye ever since i saw the dreamy jill stuart spring 2012 campaign [shot by mario sorrenti] and i am obviously not alone. it seems like she is everywhere. i snapped this pic of her at derek lam:

super geeky but i instagramed this photo, tagged her in it and she LIKED it. and then she looked through my other pictures and LIKED others, too. i also saw her many times marc by marc, jill stuart, and other shows that i just can't remember right now. i should have written this post when everything was fresh in my mind. anyway. here she is on the cover of tuesday's daily. does the collar look familiar?

also, here is frida on the daily's cover on day one:

i've mentioned my love of the daily before. lighthearted fun but informative. there was a nice piece on the gentlewoman's EIC penny martin in the weekend edition. i love the gentlewoman. i can't even get started on my pile-up of magazines right now [stress], but my gentlewoman copy is definitely on top. anyway, i was up at lincoln center everyday except for thursday, so i have almost a complete collection from fall 2012.

i also saw hanne gaby odiele. again at derek lam:

and another favorite: miss lindsey wixson. this was taken backstage at jill stuart:


see how fun instagram is/was? i just wish i kept things more in sync with each other - so many options for colors/borders. whatever.

backstage at elie tahari:

at jill stuart:

 and narciso rodriguez:


so now it is all over. and i have free time again, though everyone knows how much i love this time of year. it's not every day that you say hello to betsey johnson. or witness a rather moving pep-talk by mr. tahari himself, which was full of warm thanks for his team. or the chance to talk to super-famous models about jeweled cellphone cases. or get photographed outside of a backstage entrance like a celebrity. ha! le sigh, along with all the wonderfulness that happened last season, and the season before that.

oh and i was photographed by the cut! they took down my name, profession and such -- but sadly, i didn't make the cut. literally. but whatever. it would have been quite funny if i did as i was wearing my big sleeping bag coat. [courtesy of my mother, from talbots, which i refuse to give back.]

and here are a few more!

at marc by marc jacobs:

at richard chai:

makeup at charlotte ronson:


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