Thursday, March 31, 2011

good lock

on grand street

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

eileen ford's book of model beauty

do you know...
  • how to use the makeup tricks used by professional models who earn from $60 to $120 an hour?
  • the trick that decreases your waist-line size--without a foundation garment, diet or exercise?
  • why you should never use a black eyebrow pencil and what color mascara you should always use?
  • the "think thin" technique that helps models lose unwanted pounds?
  • how simple exercises can actually change the shape of "problem" legs?
  • the best and most pleasant ways to remove hair from your legs?
  • how sugar can keep your hair looking lovelier?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


my boyfriend and i go out for dessert more than any other meal. we both love sweet treats and i don't think i could date a man who didn't. so if not 16 handles, we're venturing a few blocks away to milk bar. everything here is divine, i would suggest that you try the entire menu. the crack pie is my favorite, but last night we tried the birthday cake truffles and well, be still my heart. and the compost cookies! and the milkshakes! the cereal-milk milkshake is so delicious. we tried the crack pie milkshake last night, but having the actual pie is better. love!

candy bar pie + crack pie

and though he claims he only indulges in his sweet tooth around me, i find it very hard to believe.

momofuku milk bar

207 2nd avenue
(between 12th & 13th street)
new york, new york 10003

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my home

ever since i decided to decorate my apartment in the style of a rustic/feminine log cabin, i have not been able to stop thinking about home decor. i think i'm a bigger (if that's even possible) etsy addict than i was before. in new york, vintage shopping is pretty unremarkable. everything has been picked through. the best of the best is already in people's homes, or it's priced way beyond my budget. etsy is the perfect fit. etsy, and my nana's house.

so in shades of peach, crimson, chocolate and cream, i am creating my ladylike cabin space. living by myself (and having complete control over the decorating decisions) is wonderful. most of my friends can't believe that i'm not finished decorating yet when they walk in, but i want my apartment filled to the brim with treasure.

and speaking of treasure! this little gem of a jewelry box arrived yesterday from this etsy shop and i am in love! it's painted in the most delicate ballerina pink shade and it's just darling, no?

Friday, March 18, 2011


my mom bought a terrarium from the sunflower farm when i was home in connecticut a few weeks ago. and then several days ago, annie was talking about making one and putting a deer figurine in it. i said that i wanted to make one, too. but then i remembered the cold hard facts. i live in manhattan. where would i get the soil? where would i get the rocks? the plants? before i forgot how much i wanted to make a terrarium, i went so far as looking up rocks to purchase online. and then! in the 99-cent store store that i work above, while buying a tacky picture frame on my lunch break, lo and behold! forty assorted rocks in a mesh bag.

but, until i find the motivation to get the soil/vase/plant-life, i must find another use for them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nyfw FALL 2011

i am so grateful that i was able to attend fashion week again. i had so many lovely and weird experiences backstage while i was reporting. each day was something different.

i witnessed top models have complete meltdowns. and i witnessed them being darling sweethearts. i sat in the front row once. but usually i was in the 3rd row or sometimes i was only backstage. i was in the same room as countless celebrities. i met (my idol) joan rivers and she was so nice and funny. it must have been from all the good karma i have, from (incessantly) recommending her documentary, that i got to meet her. P.S. go see her doc. really.

here are a few things that i saw.

reporter's notebook

the week's schedule

and my collection of press credentials

but, my favorite memory of all:
i (very glamorously) took the m23 crosstown bus to twenty-second street and tenth avenue to center548, where the jason wu show was being held. two girls were denied entry before me and as i walked towards the elevator after checking in, a security guard pulled me aside and mistook me for a model. i smirked and then tweeted about it and took the elevator upstairs to the backstage area. as far as backstages go, everyone was down to business at jason wu. i threw my sleeping-bag coat off into a corner (i did not see a coat check) and went over to the makeup stations where models were getting ready. a woman came up to me and told me that i needed to have my hair done, she must not have seen my reporter's notebook in my hand. "thank you, but i'm a writer." five minutes later i was interviewing her. she was the lead hair stylist. and to have this happen at one of the major shows of the week where some of my favorite models (hi, lindsey wixson! you're fab!) were walking! insane. a good fashion week memory.

so now, i miss getting my copies of the daily (the mag that is given out everyday during fashion week that reports on collections, but is also very who's who) and having rows of half-full miniature bottles of fiji water line my fridge (coolers were stocked with them everywhere you looked). and i (sort of) miss waking up at a six-thirty to be at a show at eight, catching late cabs home and being wildly exhausted in the best possible way. but, most of all, i miss the energy of just being at lincoln center through all of it.

le sigh.

having these wonderful experiences certainly makes me reminisce. two years ago, i went to the fall 2009 shows (a few weeks after i moved to manhattan!) and it was all just a massive culture shock to me. now it is my favorite time of year and luckily, it occurs twice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

free spirit

i'm not entirely sure that i would have bought it in a store, but finding ted andrews' animal speak: the spiritual & magical powers of creatures great & small in the staircase of my building (lending library!) has been the luckiest occurrence of my day.

and now i want to buy a bunch of copies and give them to my best friends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


a peek inside my new apartment

my dreamy junior one bedroom in the east village.
i lovelovelove living here.
chocolate brown, peach, cream and red.
an exposed brick wall with tons of floral.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

still samesies

if ever a time to look the slightest bit presentable, it's during new york fashion week. britt and i were doing backstage coverage and after several days of waking up early and getting dressed, i went up to lincoln center for the saturday shows in my lazy-girl default outfit.

black boots, black pants, white tee, red coat, scarf.

i met britt at the starbucks near the tents, only to find that she was wearing the exact same outfit. yes, everything. except her scarf was beige and mine was black. it was a long day of shows and a long day of loopy comments.

since i first reported it, britt and i have continued to dress alike. especially on days where we have events to go to. "ugh, we're bobbsey twins again," is a commonly used phrase between us.

Friday, March 04, 2011


my new apartment is thisclose to 16 handles. do-it-yourself frozen yogurt topped with candy/fruit/nuts/cereal that you pay for by the ounce. or by pound, beatrice! whenever i have friends over they always suggest going. and really, whenever the mood strikes, i'm there. needless to say, i get this tasty treat several times a week.

i usually go for the birthday cake frozen yogurt topped with cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, m&ms, sometimes gummy bears, graham crackers, chocolate sauce and almonds.

even in this cold weather, 16 handles is divine.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


getting settled into my new apartment and getting a chance to upload my pictures has been difficult. i haven't written anything substantial in a month. seriously. but, it feels good to write this message and i have a weird amount of internet-guilt everyday for not writing on here.

i need to come out of hibernation.
soon, i promise.


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