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Thursday, August 18, 2011


everyone is always impressed by my record player because it looks old-timey, but really i got it at linens n' things for like 60% off during its going-out-of-business sale. i am not trying to fool anyone. i really just needed a vehicle to play my mantovani film encore records! come over sometime and we'll listen to them.

anyway, i've been kind of crafty lately (more on that later) and i decided to decoupage the inside of the player with fancy italian, floral paper from new york central art supply—a wonderful shop suggestion from ben's mom.

a good rule to remember for a crafty home: things can always be better! i will paint it peach within the week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


sometimes this is all you get.

Friday, August 12, 2011


i am twenty five.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


before i started at the magazine (where i've been able to attend fashion week and meet miss america, etc.), i spent the summer after college working for my dad as his dental assistant.

and these are the shoes i wore:

Thursday, August 04, 2011

beauty queen

did you know that one of the fastest growing categories on youtube is beauty tutorial videos? i've seen a few of them here and there, but i've never actually tried to follow along with one. until now. i figured i'd go all out and choose the "miss universe 2010 inspired look." it has nearly 160,000 views and the girl instructing clearly has some serious skills.

thanks to photobooth and its grainy pictures, you can't really tell how terrible i was at the eyeshadow. but, whatever. i looked/felt like a clown and i wouldn't leave my apartment like that. ever. i'll stick to my mostly makeup-free look.

makeup-free me:
pageant princess:

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


i like to walk the length of my street from the east village to the west. even though i've lived in the west village before, and even though it's only a mile away from my apartment now, it seems like a world away. and so it makes for the perfect walk at night with ben. but last night we switched it up and walked east down my street to avenue d with the specific goal of seeing rats. rats love alphabet city and i love (seeing) rats. very new york. anyway, we saw three. it probably would have been more but we stopped paying attention.

ben waited on my stoop and i came downstairs wearing a navy sweatshirt, even though it must have been 90 degrees outside. i'm bad at gauging the temperature (especially if i am inside with an air conditioner) and i was immediately hot when i walked outside. anyway, he brought me the most beautiful pink rose and i carried it on our walk. it was romantical. i love when ben brings me flowers. i have every single one he has ever given to me. i should probably learn how to dry flowers properly because most look like sad, shriveled-up things. regardless.

the third night that ben and i saw each other, after we met in january, it was snowing and probably 10 degrees outside. we decided to just stay in my warm apartment and sing along to records, but i told him that he had to also bring a sweet treat with him. he came over with the best cookies in the entire world (tate's) which we both have a love for, and flowers. i knew he was the man for me. flowers on an ordinary night.

Monday, August 01, 2011


i woke up on saturday morning with the urge to buy some jewelry. i felt it in my bones.

so i walked down to soho and made a beeline for forever 21. is there a better place for fancy jewels? no.

side note: when will there be a law against text-walkers?

hello kitty


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