Friday, October 08, 2010


little jess moved to the big apple last night.
and i was the very first guest in her sweet, sweet apartment (located a quick eight blocks away from mine).

we share a love of home decorating and spent some time last night going over furniture placement. she had a shelf that bothered us both. we moved it twice. and then what to place on it? she didn't want it to be purely ornamental. and after some thought, a solution was found.

she even kept the vanity table i gave to her after i moved out of my college apartment (she is a year younger so she had another year left of school), and i would totally indian-give but it's white (a perfect match for her furniture) and i now have only dark wood.

the pretty pattern on her (feather-stuffed!) couch

the tiles in her hallway. yellow, white, pink, brown.

(i was stomping around in 4-inch heels all day and after ballet class, i couldn't bare to put them back on, so i spent the rest of the night grand-jeté-ing in my slippers.)

lovelovelove you, jess! welcome to new york!


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