Wednesday, November 10, 2010


  • the exact moment when miranda (at bridges) puts together the pieces of who this "mrs. doubtfire" really is.
  • after having a massive crush on a boy (and approaching the fizzling stages of their romance), my friend opened up our school newspaper (the cynic) only to find that he wrote an article about the signs of a guy "not being into you." hilarious now, heartbreaking then.
  • every creak i hear from the apartment above, i always expect a clawfoot bathtub to instantaneously fall into my bedroom. with someone in it looking confused, lots of dust, etc.
  • evolving friendships.
  • sometimes when i walk into my apartment, i smell how it did when i first moved in. infrequently and brief.
  • i giggle and chat with my friends during ballet class in the same way that i did when i was eight.
  • it makes me happy just to have ballet friends still...
  • and the end-of-class bows are my favorite part, as they always have been. fancy!
  • i went to glamour's women of the year awards on monday night at carnegie hall and i still can't wrap my head around all of the amazingly courageous and kind-hearted activists, athletes and celebrities that i was in the same room with. (celebz included julia roberts, cher, oprah, donatella versace, kelly osbourne, fergie, kate hudson, hilary swank, mia hamm... TAVI!)


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