Wednesday, April 27, 2011

workout plan

if nothing else, i'm extremely paranoid about waking up late. especially when i have an event to attend early in the morning. yesterday i had a breakfast to go to at 8:30 am. at the museum of arts and design. at columbus circle. far, far away from my east village apartment. it's not so much the early hours that worry me, it's about pressing the snooze button and then forgetting to reset my alarm. i always think i can sleep just five extra minutes, and then i accidentally end up sleeping an extra forty. oops.

i am also very worried about being late. so i left my apartment at 7 am, just in case, and arrived uptown about thirty-ish minutes later. no traffic. it must have been my lucky day, because it was almost 60 degrees out and i had forty-ish minutes to leisurely sit in central park and have a coffee before the breakfast.

this got me thinking. i really should make an adjustment to my usual morning routine. sleeping until the last possible second and then rushing up to my office isn't exactly ideal. sitting in the park was so lovely. having the extra time to myself before i start my day at work just seems so much more natural. pleasant. the quality of life.

and in the same vein, if i am staying in on a weeknight, i made the resolution to turn off my laptop after 8 pm. i need to do more crafts.


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