Saturday, June 04, 2011

vermont weekend

ben and i stayed with annie in vermont last week over memorial day weekend. a much needed break from new york city. burlington is such an amazing city. and even though the weather was not ideal, we had a lovely and leisurely time.


lady planter
e + j's heads
a city market sandwich, of course
a visit to the ol' campus

i've strictly been using disposable cameras lately. the time it takes to develop the film, to when i am able to post pictures is my biggest challenge. but the film looks so wonderful, doesn't it? compared to a digital camera. it's more expensive, but i think it's worth it to not have the luxury of immediately seeing the images or taking a photo five times to get it right. i love, love, love the moment of seeing the pictures for the first time. especially after a weekend getaway.


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