Tuesday, September 13, 2011


yesteday: anna wintour and i walked down west 15th street together around 1pm and i snapped an awkward picture of her. it was well worth it. i love her. later, in the middle of a tweet about the party going on backstage at betsey johnson, rose petals showered down on top of me thrown by ms. johnson herself. i love her. then britt and i up-streamed a cab at lincoln center from robert verdi. i really hate when people do that, but we were cutting it close with the betsey show and had to race down to the armory for marc by marc jacobs. i still feel just awful about it though. i grew up watching full frontal fashion. anyway the traffic was terrible, but why did the cab driver try to cut through the top of times square? the day ended with a wonderful dinner provided by mr. jacobs. well ok, it was the backstage food and he probably had no part in it, but it was still a divine falafel sandwich. some days are just so lovely. le sigh.

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