Saturday, February 02, 2013

in excess

i remember sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of eggo waffles in front of me. i must have been seven-ish. after butter-ing and syrup-ing, i noted the best bite and ate it after everything else was finished—just as i did every morning.

a few weeks ago, out to dinner with a friend, we spoke about our resolutions for 2013. she had a variety of goals for herself that she was already on-way to implementing. i hadn't even considered making a resolution. i never do for the new year. but today is february 2, and i now know what mine will be. breaking the terrible habit i've had for as long as i can remember: saving the best for last.

fancy bottles of lotions and oils scattered around my bathroom: i will use you up. all fragrances will be sprayed to the very last drop, and pretty stationery will be sent out in the mail to friends who deserve nice letters. i am forcing myself out of this mentality, and will enjoy in excess. 


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