Wednesday, August 19, 2009


anyone that has ever talked to me for longer than ten minutes knows that i am a sincere believer in the law of attraction. it’s all about emitting positive vibrations, thinking positive thoughts and partaking in positive actions to attract exactly what you want. within this theory, you have to trust your instincts, know what you want and take a lot of risks. you just have to trust that everything will turn out right and put complete faith in the fact that the universe will give you what you want. manifest your heart’s desire!

the best part of this, is that you'll start recognizing everything coming together, tons of synchronicities will appear. things will become clearer and you’ll recognize the path that is going to make you the happiest. but you have to be very brave, you most certainly can not take a cautious route and you can not give out negative vibrations, thoughts or actions – or that is what you will get in return. we all have those negative friends that everything just always seems to go wrong with them, that is not a coincidence. we also know people where everything always goes well and things work out smoothly for them. that is what they are sending out and that is what they are receiving.

i have many favorite stories and instances as to when the law of attraction was at work. one of my favorites involves my roommate, emily.

emily is a perfect friend to have. you can always count on her (except to answer her phone – and she knows that this is a problem). she is very loyal and very cool. I always say she is a lot cooler than i am, in every way. we weren’t that close when we first started to live together our junior year, but that pretty much immediately changed. we lived together for two years and midway through senior year we realized that we couldn’t go on being apart from each other after college. so we decided to move together. emily’s loyalty was really exemplary when she agreed to move to georgia with me, a dream of mine. but alas, we ended up planning for nyc. months and months passed. she would stay at my parent's house in connecticut with me and we would schedule interviews to be on the same day and ride into the city together. our dream seemed so far away, yet we weren’t really ever that discouraged. we would have our off days, but really relied on each other to keep our spirits up.

and then, miracle of all miracles, i got a job! and so now emily needed one and we needed an apartment and then we were on the fast track to living the dream.

anyway, i digress, this was supposed to be about the law of attraction but turned into professing my love for emily and our frustrating job search.

basically, we find the most charmingly petite apartment in the west village and emily moves into the city sans job. she starts working at the coolest coffee shop in the city but still needs full-time employment. so after a month and a half, two opportunities come her way and she schedules two interviews on the same day. one at a publishing giant and one at a strategic brand design agency. the next day, said publishing giant offers her a job and she takes it. she hears nothing from the design agency. she starts that monday. she is an executive assistant. she works eleven hours a day under severe pressure from her boss. she comes home miserable and stressed out. kind of like a lab rat in distress. everyday. even on weekends she can't relax. and after doing this for a month, she realized, that this is no way to live life. so she quits. while living in an insanely expensive city in “these hard economic times”- she quits! emily is a genius. emily is a wise fool. and, emily is, most importantly, very brave.

oh yea, so the law of attraction:

she starts her job search over. i tell her she should call the branding agency and check in on her status as an interviewee because it has only been a few weeks since the interview, and maybe they haven’t made a decision yet. but they did. and it wasn’t her. so she continues her job search. the next week she gets a phone call. it’s them. their first choice didn’t work out. they want emily to come in for a trial week. they love her. she loves them. they offer her the job before the week is over.

how is that for a synchronicity?

shortly before this all happened, i made emily read my law of attraction book because she was really cynical about it and thought i was nuts for how i was constantly referring to it. if you want to check out a straightforward, comprehensive book on the law of attraction, read michael losier’s book.

my next read is pronoia is the antidote for paranoia: how the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings by rob brezsny. and if you don’t already, check out his weekly astrology reports, it’s not your average horoscope.


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