Monday, March 22, 2010

blue skies

the past few days have been wonderful. for many reasons. my best friend jenna came to new york and it was an absolute treat having her visit. we met when we were thirteen (we had the same bat mitzvah date) and we have been so close ever since. it's amazing to think of friends that you've had for over ten years. jenna is the kindest girl i know, she always makes people feel welcome and good about themselves. she is honest, hilarious and bursting with creativity. we have experienced everything together and it makes my heart smile.

it was the first weekend where a jacket was not required. the warmth of the sunshine and the blue sky. perfection. everyone was outside. my girlfriends and i traipsed all throughout downtown; brunched in the lower east side, shopped in the little
nolita stores, ate dinner in chinatown and then spent the night dancing in tribeca. oh and i recently got the good news of two very close friends getting jobs and they will both be moving to NYC very soon, congratulations to miss liz and airlie!

weekends just keep getting better and better.

waking up to a sunny morning overwhelms me with happiness

wearing pretty and festive pastels to stroll in the sunshine

french fries and mayonnaise at brunch

rice puddin'

my bestest friend ever and i

natalie, me and jenna

lovely beatrice and emily

i found a rose when i hopped into a taxi and felt terribly lucky



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