Wednesday, September 01, 2010

free for all

i was kind of bummed to find out that the building i moved into in february discouraged people from leaving their unwanted items in any public space (lobby, etc). especially coming from college where there was a lending library (of sorts) in every dorm and sharing/recycling was the only logical option. and even last year when i was on bedford street, clothes (anna sui! tibi!) were left out by the front mirror and were always fun to rummage through (and really, who wouldn't want a west-village-girl's discarded designer dresses?). i realize this obviously labels me as a scavenger, but give me a break, i went to school in vermont! and these people are practically my roommates. right? in a way?

however, despite my new building's rule, there has been an increasing collection of books on the window ledge recently. free for anyone who pleases. the variety isn't ever exactly my taste or immediate need (social- and financial-improvement books, mostly), but it's still neat to know that someone out there, someone actually living in my building, just had to know this information. at least enough to purchase the book/s (usually there are several on a general subject). and every once-in-a-while there is a gem.

so today i picked up a copy of the giver (a junior high favorite), how to win friends and influence people and the master key to riches. i just love to read and to learn fun facts, so the randomness of the books available is always welcomed. oh! and i picked up a guide to social climbing (which will trustingly come in as much use as the "what to expect when your expecting - the first year" copy i also scored a few week ago).


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