Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i have kept a diary since i was in sixth grade and what was once about gossip-y junior high stories, has now evolved into an amalgamation of thoughts, lists and lovely pictures. my diaries help me connect with myself and help me map out where i want to go.

i just retired my latest diary. i didn't fill it entirely. not even close. but i knew that i couldn't write in it any longer. i felt no attachment to it. except that it holds the first six month of our relationship. i know that i could have written more throughout the time i had it, but i was not inspired. i suppose it started with the way it looked. its cardboard-esque cover and lined pages were not for me. i can't imagine why i bought it in the first place. and i didn't even give it a title. i don't always give my diaries a title, but i have for the last few. bonjour mademoiselle, favorita.

that said, i am so pleased with my new diary and i can't stop writing. minnie.


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