Saturday, July 09, 2011

summer beauty

remember how i said it'd be interesting to see how my makeup bag changes every season? well, i've pretty much done away with a beauty routine completely. it's hot. i don't want anything on my face. or spend any time worrying about what it looks like. especially in this hot city heat. it's probably dripping down my face anyhow.

so for now:

moisturizer SK-II skin signature moisturizing cream, every morning and night.
brows benefit brows a-go-go, i am terrified of skinny eyebrows.
lips MAC lipstick in snob; la mer lip balm
the piece de resistance eyelash extensions, they last a month or so.

i believe, as long as my skin looks good (the moisturizer is crucial) and my lashes are long, there really isn't a need for anything else. easy. simple. summer.

oh and before i leave the house:

fragrance guerlain shalimar parfum intial


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