Sunday, December 04, 2011

odds are 6:1

i bought myself a lovely necklace (on this day) for my 24th birthday. i wore it only on special occasions, but lately i've been wearing it more often. six months ago, the clasp broke, but i'm pretty crafty and was able to fix it. easy. no trouble with it since. last sunday, i thought about the time it broke and i vaguely thought it was going to break that day. later on, it did. i fixed it and thought it was weird. but, whatever.

on monday night before going to sleep, i thought how lucky i am that i haven't seen a single cockroach in my new apartment. emily once saw one in our west village apartment (she took the morning off from work that day and had an exterminator come over) and we saw at least one massive roach every few weeks when we lived in the lower east side. they are absolutely disgusting. my heart drops to my knees. emily and i used to have a system for dealing with them though. i'd spray raid on it until it died, she'd sweep it up into the trash and then i would take the trash downstairs. it worked for us. now that i live by myself, my plan of action will be to spray the raid and then sweep it into the hallway and hope it disappears. i can't scoop it into the trash. that wasn't my role in the system for a reason. anyway, coming home from work the next day, there was a roach in the stairwell. nearly dead, legs were twitching.

on my way to cupcakes 101 on friday night, i thought about how i haven't found a lucky penny (or any penny on the ground, for that matter) in weeks and weeks. and then i did. heads up.

what are the odds? am i a child psychic?


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