Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wishes and dreams

oh god, i would probably never go through with it, but when asked a few weeks ago if i would ever have cosmetic surgery i said: "only lip injections." they seem [relatively] harmless and sometimes pretty. have you ever had surgery? i had non-elective surgery three years ago and it is not something i would do again if you paid me. let alone something i would ever pay for. it's painful and disorienting, though the hospital was an adventure of sorts and was fairly interesting.

anyway! lip injections. ever since my comment, it's been a total case of "you get what you wish for." last week, ben's friend gave me a robust side-hug in which his watch went straight  for my bottom lip. much pain. the next day, the solid-block-of-ice in my water bottle [thanks, freezer!] came crashing down on my top lip [more pain] as i tried to take a sip [of the 3 droplets] of water.

all the results without the price and stigma!


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