Thursday, April 08, 2010

anticipating summer

i'm pretty sure we just skipped over spring in new york city. after it rained a record-breaking amount in march, april has been wildly hot and sunny so far. last night, emily and i visited liz in her new apartment (which is only a few blocks away from ours!) and then walked around the east village for a while. it was so pleasant. a stroll at night in the warmth. summer is on its way.

i have had two epic summers in my life. the one right after senior year of high school, gallivanting with jenna. and the summer before senior year of college.

from the seven girls in our house on converse court, four of us stayed up there that summer. two thousand and seven. beatrice, stephanie, annie and me. i didn't exactly have a job (save for the eight hours in total i worked at bath and body works on church street), which also meant that i didn't exactly have a lot of money for a few months. but it didn't matter, i was having too much fun to even think about finding actual employment.

my days went on like a dream. they were whimsical, really. concocting ingenious recipes, crafting, bicycling, throwing water balloons from the second floor porch (luckily people were generally friendly about it!), hours and hours spent at north beach, eating massive amounts creemees (the vermont way of saying soft serve ice cream) and visits to swimming holes. before living in vermont, i didn't even know that swimming holes existed. massive rock formations through flowing rivers. part swimming, part rock climbing. scattered all throughout the state. truly beautiful and wildly fun. they are unfortunately very dangerous, but in a way, they are also nature's way of saying "enjoy yourself! be happy!"

and i was.

though there isn't much nature to speak of in manhattan (weekend getaways are a must), summers here are quite unique. last year was my first summer in the city with a job and it was a bit of an adjustment after usually having a few months off from school. but, it was also a lot of fun. lazy weekends in washington square park on blankets, sundresses, spending time on boats, outdoor concerts, rooftop parties, street fairs and summer romances.

last night's stroll really made me excited for what's to come.


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