Thursday, April 01, 2010

sidewalk etiquette

in new york, time on the sidewalk is intensified. i have only one friend with a car (hi matt!) and sure, there are subways, buses and taxis - but that still leaves a lot of room for walking. when deciding where to move after college, i was looking for a new city that was walkable. i am not wild about driving, i'd much prefer to walk. that's what i loved so much about burlington and why i chose manhattan. i am always on the sidewalk, many of my posts are pictures of the strolls i take. and it's fast become one of my favorite activities. there is endless delight and adventure in a weekend traipse. but if you're on the streets of the city, especially ones that are shared by many (many) people, you must think of others!

when you're on a smaller sidewalk-ed-street (in downtown neighborhoods, perhaps?) and you randomly see a group of old classmates (joy!), please step to the side if you're going to chat. don't take up the entire sidewalk and make everyone else walk around you. it's careless. same for when you're walking in a row of friends and somebody is walking towards your group. make room for them to pass, share. and
do not walk while you're smoking a cigarette. the smell of smoke is extremely unpleasant to many non-smokers, especially as it blows in the wind. especially in the morning, especially in the afternoon. please, stand off to the side. it's the polite thing to do. and to the men of new york, it is beyond disgusting when you spit on the ground. it's vile, really. it amazes me how many men in midtown (where i work) do this. it's gross enough seeing spit on the sidewalk every fifteen feet, but even more revolting to see someone in the act of it.

it's a big city. many of us live and work here. we need to keep the peace because it is not going to come without a little bit of effort.
be mindful, please.


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