Wednesday, December 08, 2010

america's got ____

several weeks ago, a fairly famous actor (not a-list or anything, but he is a main character on gossip girl, so that must count for something) sat in my bed (along with britt and a friend of his) til 5 in the morning and played with a fortune teller that i had made. really crafty, with lovely illustrations and lovelier fortunes.

that was the first and last time we saw each other.
maybe because he thought/i am a bit/so weird.

just kidding! we saw each other a year and a half before at the grocery store. i bumped into him with my basket and didn't recognize it was him until emily pointed it out later on. i'm bad at celebz.

anyway, point of the story: i haven't had a full and entire night to my lonesome for weeks, and i subsequently haven't crafted. nor have i thought of a decent project since i tried quilling and bedazzling and i am just craving to do something creative. to just make something. even if it's as simple as a fortune teller. because i haven't in ages and i feel i'm losing my pep because of it. i also came to the realization that i potentially should focus in on one arts-and-craft project. this year alone, i've been briefly obsessed with calligraphy, chandelier-ing, paper people chains, embroidery, friendship bracelets and silhouetting and i think it's about time that i choose something and stick with it.
i need to get my act together!


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