Wednesday, December 01, 2010

hopes, dreams and regret

  • since may, i've been on the hunt for a crisp-white umbrella. non-folding. have you seen one? i suppose i could search the internet for one, as they seem awfully rare, but that would take the fun out of it.
  • my friend left her phone in a cab after we met for coffee last month. a man called me (as i was the last person that she had called) to say that he had it. we agreed to meet at a coffee shop in the east village and ended the conversation with "maybe we're soul mates!" i've dated boys that i met in the grocery store, sharing a taxi home, on the streetso it wouldn't be that far fetched and this very well could have been love. but it wasn't!
  • my biggest regret of 2010: not bringing my camera to darci kistler's last performance. i bring my camera everywhere, but you're not allowed to photograph at the ballet. so i left it at home. at the very least, i'm happy that i wrote about it as soon as i got home.
  • whenever i catch that woodstock: now and then documentary on tv, i have that same pang of "you're never going to be cool." nothing kills my self-esteem quicker than this doc. it's just uncomfortable, really.
  • next weekend is santacon.
  • and it being december 1, i am officially and exclusively listening to bing crosby (holiday) on pandora.


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