Friday, December 17, 2010

as luck would have it

i wandered into the 99-cent store that i work above to pick up a bottle of nail polish remover and some cashews. they were having a raffle in 6 minutes for an iPad and i figured i would enter since i am usually pretty lucky.

as i went to hand in my name/address/number slip to the announcer on the podium (very serious!), he asked me if i wanted to choose the winner in 3 minutes. i agreed, of course and climbed up onto the podium with him. the countdown began (really!) and i was given a microphone. then in front of a strangely large crowd for a raffle-at-a-99-cent-store, i announced that joy martin had won. as i was making my way to the exit, everyone made little comments to me about how i should have chose them and then they wished me very happy holidays.

in retrospect, i should have just called my own name and made off with the iPad, but, to the point, do you know how peculiar it is to hold a microphone?


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