Monday, November 02, 2009


in honor of halloween:

in college, we had this lovely costume store called old gold that everyone would rush to in the beginning of october. throughout the years, i got my costumes there. it was wonderful. and easy.

and then my senior year, after a weekend of two separate marie antoinette costumes (my friend jessica and i traded each other our different marie dresses), the actual night of halloween fell on a wednesday. i knew i didn't want to be a marie again. i rushed home from class and got to work. i had an idea in mind and got creative. i was going to be madeline! i used my yellow dress, a neck-tie from steph's sailor costume. elbow length gloves shortened. cut and glued fabric to make a collar. it was perfection.

that night, emily decided to be ramen. liz and i ran to city market to pick up as many packages of her favorite noodles as we could. about an hour before going out that night. we bought her twenty eight. she used the packaging and saved the ramen. adorable costume and she ate all of the noodles by thanksgiving break. win-win.

swiftly piecing together a costumes is rather fun.
this is annie circa junior year.
a very detailed hiker-mom created in a jiffy!

this year, we went down to dc for the festivities. my friends and i intentionally waited until the day of halloween to find our costumes. we rummaged through countless thrift stores. without even a thought of what we should be. we just knew when it was right. a funeral attendee, a fancy lady, a fortune teller and a priest.


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