Thursday, November 26, 2009

opening night

last night, i attended the opening night performance of the new york city ballet. it was magical. truly. going to the ballet is so romantic. a luminous celebration of art and beauty. everyone dressed for the evening. ladies and gentlemen. the feel of it all. one of my favorite ballerinas came as a guest dancer from the paris opera ballet, aurelie dupont. seeing her perform was indescribable. her artistry, energy, grace.

i managed to sneak a quick picture of the delicious jewel of a chandelier.

but, as i don't have any other pictures of the evening, i have this. here i am at age seven. in stravinsky's the firebird. yes, the one in the center, smiling with her eyes closed and completely out of the elaborate (and somewhat symmetrical) pose, is yours truly. precious and clever.


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