Thursday, November 12, 2009

times square

fall in love with new york! travel to times square! in the simplest of ways, coming to this rather absurd part of the city makes me feel like a kid again. absolute astonishment. looking up and in one million directions. lights so bright you always think it's daytime. signs for broadway shows, chain restaurants with everything fried and delicious on their menus, the double-decker sightseeing buses. oversized and over-the-top. tourists from everywhere taking pictures of each other. smiling. new york city. feel the energy.

sometimes i think that no matter how sleepy my little west village street is, forty six blocks away, there it is. times square. it seems as though it is a different world.

i've only lived in manhattan for (almost) a year, but i hope that for how ever long i am here, times square will always give me the same feeling it did visiting when i was nine years old. glamour. excitement. magic. and i hope and hope that even the most supercilious of new yorkers feel the same.


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