Wednesday, December 30, 2009


it snowed and snowed in vermont. but on days that it didn't, it was usually sunny. it was still freezing like you have never experienced, but the sun was out and shining. this naturally caused the snow to melt. especially all that had accumulated on the rooftops. and the snow on the rooftops was multiple feet deep. sometimes we'd hear a jarring crash when we were inside of our house, only for it to be the snow melting just so - that it fell in an avalanche below. on three separate occasions in the winter of 2008, i had missed, by mere seconds and steps, being hit by a massive amount of snow falling from our roof. it never happened to me before, in my four years of living in vermont, and wasn't common amongst any of my friends.

i am sure it was a sign of something. though i still have absolutely no idea of what.


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