Wednesday, December 16, 2009

vermont literature

towards the end of our time living in vermont, annie received a book from the whimsical woman that owned a vintage store in burlington. this book came at just the right time for her, and as soon as she finished it, it vanished. completely. or she lost it, we were packing up a three story house. anyway, as she was reading it, synchronicity upon synchronicity appeared, as was the point of the book. manifest your heart’s desire by uvm sociology professor fred fengler and electrical engineer todd varnum. annie and i liked that one of the authors was an engineer. that adds to the appeal. this is a good supplemental book when beginning to look into the concept of bringing thoughts and ideas into your real and physical life. concept, evidence, confirmation. voila.

what i also like about this book are the unapologetic references to burlington. our beloved city market and church street are used freely. without any explanation as to what they are, for the people who have not had the pleasure of visiting. though people who are not familiar would have absolutely no issue getting passed these locations and could probably just guess that one is a popular street and the other is a grocery store. it just makes the book a bit more personal.

i brought this up with annie tonight. she said at the time of her reading this book in the city of subject, the burlington references didn't even phase her. she thought of them as rather standard. a localized book! a wonderful read, regardless if one has ever been to the magical city far up north.


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