Monday, December 21, 2009

on weekend time

i love when weekends are not on any sort of time schedule. when i can wake up without an alarm. i can slow down and enjoy life at my own pace. i may rush during the weekdays (especially to get out of bed and make it to work at a reasonable time) but the weekends are for me. 

i have lived with emily for three years. we have spent countless saturday mornings doing as we did this past, watching one of our favorite movies, peggy sue got married. but now it's even better. now we can order the best bagels in america right to our apartment door. so after a sufficient amount of time being rather languid, we strolled along (and shopped) the streets of soho and braved the first snow of the season (to which everyone but us tough girls complained of - the direct result of going to college in vermont.) all to end the night with seeing a friend perform in a clever play in a covert theater and then dashing off to a holiday party!

this weekend was a delight. 


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