Sunday, December 13, 2009


living in new york city, there is never a shortage of fun. this weekend was epic. my friends and i participated in santacon, an all day gathering to celebrate mr. claus. of course. throughout the day, the event took place at various locations that hundreds upon hundreds of santas trooped to. the streets were filled with red and white. absolutely everyone wore the full suit and we were all in the jolliest of moods. it was a day of silly fun. the subways were packed with caroling santas and it was nothing short of wildly merry. it started at 10am and lasted all day. my friends and i made it until 2:30 before we needed to go home and nap.

allison made us a breakfast at 8am and then it was off to brooklyn!

flooding the streets of williamsburg

santa twister in the park

taking over brooklyn bowl

allison claus!

anni claus!

i can not wait for next year.


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