Wednesday, March 23, 2011


my boyfriend and i go out for dessert more than any other meal. we both love sweet treats and i don't think i could date a man who didn't. so if not 16 handles, we're venturing a few blocks away to milk bar. everything here is divine, i would suggest that you try the entire menu. the crack pie is my favorite, but last night we tried the birthday cake truffles and well, be still my heart. and the compost cookies! and the milkshakes! the cereal-milk milkshake is so delicious. we tried the crack pie milkshake last night, but having the actual pie is better. love!

candy bar pie + crack pie

and though he claims he only indulges in his sweet tooth around me, i find it very hard to believe.

momofuku milk bar

207 2nd avenue
(between 12th & 13th street)
new york, new york 10003


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