Tuesday, March 08, 2011

still samesies

if ever a time to look the slightest bit presentable, it's during new york fashion week. britt and i were doing backstage coverage and after several days of waking up early and getting dressed, i went up to lincoln center for the saturday shows in my lazy-girl default outfit.

black boots, black pants, white tee, red coat, scarf.

i met britt at the starbucks near the tents, only to find that she was wearing the exact same outfit. yes, everything. except her scarf was beige and mine was black. it was a long day of shows and a long day of loopy comments.

since i first reported it, britt and i have continued to dress alike. especially on days where we have events to go to. "ugh, we're bobbsey twins again," is a commonly used phrase between us.


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