Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nyfw FALL 2011

i am so grateful that i was able to attend fashion week again. i had so many lovely and weird experiences backstage while i was reporting. each day was something different.

i witnessed top models have complete meltdowns. and i witnessed them being darling sweethearts. i sat in the front row once. but usually i was in the 3rd row or sometimes i was only backstage. i was in the same room as countless celebrities. i met (my idol) joan rivers and she was so nice and funny. it must have been from all the good karma i have, from (incessantly) recommending her documentary, that i got to meet her. P.S. go see her doc. really.

here are a few things that i saw.

reporter's notebook

the week's schedule

and my collection of press credentials

but, my favorite memory of all:
i (very glamorously) took the m23 crosstown bus to twenty-second street and tenth avenue to center548, where the jason wu show was being held. two girls were denied entry before me and as i walked towards the elevator after checking in, a security guard pulled me aside and mistook me for a model. i smirked and then tweeted about it and took the elevator upstairs to the backstage area. as far as backstages go, everyone was down to business at jason wu. i threw my sleeping-bag coat off into a corner (i did not see a coat check) and went over to the makeup stations where models were getting ready. a woman came up to me and told me that i needed to have my hair done, she must not have seen my reporter's notebook in my hand. "thank you, but i'm a writer." five minutes later i was interviewing her. she was the lead hair stylist. and to have this happen at one of the major shows of the week where some of my favorite models (hi, lindsey wixson! you're fab!) were walking! insane. a good fashion week memory.

so now, i miss getting my copies of the daily (the mag that is given out everyday during fashion week that reports on collections, but is also very who's who) and having rows of half-full miniature bottles of fiji water line my fridge (coolers were stocked with them everywhere you looked). and i (sort of) miss waking up at a six-thirty to be at a show at eight, catching late cabs home and being wildly exhausted in the best possible way. but, most of all, i miss the energy of just being at lincoln center through all of it.

le sigh.

having these wonderful experiences certainly makes me reminisce. two years ago, i went to the fall 2009 shows (a few weeks after i moved to manhattan!) and it was all just a massive culture shock to me. now it is my favorite time of year and luckily, it occurs twice.


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