Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my home

ever since i decided to decorate my apartment in the style of a rustic/feminine log cabin, i have not been able to stop thinking about home decor. i think i'm a bigger (if that's even possible) etsy addict than i was before. in new york, vintage shopping is pretty unremarkable. everything has been picked through. the best of the best is already in people's homes, or it's priced way beyond my budget. etsy is the perfect fit. etsy, and my nana's house.

so in shades of peach, crimson, chocolate and cream, i am creating my ladylike cabin space. living by myself (and having complete control over the decorating decisions) is wonderful. most of my friends can't believe that i'm not finished decorating yet when they walk in, but i want my apartment filled to the brim with treasure.

and speaking of treasure! this little gem of a jewelry box arrived yesterday from this etsy shop and i am in love! it's painted in the most delicate ballerina pink shade and it's just darling, no?


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