Monday, January 11, 2010

first job, first year

emily and i sat on my bed last tuesday night and i couldn't help but get a weird and dreamy feeling about all this year has been for me.

january fifth of last year was the first day of my first job. i can't believe it has already been one year. i think back on how much i have learned since then and all of the wonderful things i have experienced. like being part of the creation of a new fragrance and traveling to europe for it's launch and having meetings with perfumers and making presentations. i only know that my knowledge will continue to grow. it really is wildly thrilling to think of the future.

the first day of work, my boss told me that this job is a learning experience, a chance for me to figure out just what i want to do in the fragrance industry. i am forever grateful for this. i am just starting to figure out what it is that i want to do. i sincerely feel that i am building a strong foundation for the future, and that is a true gift. i still feel like this is the very, very beginning. i am so lucky to work for such a wonderful company that i am so proud of and lets me explore.

i am endlessly appreciative.


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