Friday, January 15, 2010

a new home

in two weeks, it will be exactly one year since emily and i moved to new york city. we went out last night together and talked the whole time about how lucky we are. it takes a lot to move to here - it isn't and wasn't easy. for a while there was no end in sight and everyone around us was saying "you'll never actually move there! you'll never get jobs in this economy! it's too expensive to live there!" but what did we do? we were hopeful, we found wonderful jobs and we moved to the fanciest little gem of a neighborhood in all of manhattan (albeit, we have the tiniest apartment). everything aligned just perfectly.

i remember sitting on my bed the final semester of college while emily was at my computer looking up cities to move to after graduation. we had lived together for two years at that point (with five other lovely friends!) and all of the sudden we both said "we can't live apart!" we first were thinking of austin, then our plan was savannah and then one day after graduating, i called emily up, slightly afraid, suggesting new york city.

emily and i now feel so comfortable here. we can't imagine living anywhere else. we have favorite places to get pizza, sandwiches and cupcakes. we can help tourists with directions and have absolutely no problem using the subway. we have such wonderful friends that i am very thankful for. i have met so many great people here and it's really amazing how our friend circle is so intricately interconnected. i'm friends with people here from high school, college, hebrew school and summer camp - and somehow they all seem to know each other too.

so here we are a year later - getting ready to move out of our apartment and into our next. a new home to have new memories in. emily and i will always look back on our apartment on the bedford street with love (and love and love). the west village is the perfect first neighborhood to live in. it is very charming and safe-feeling. it feels like you're on a movie set. we would often find ourselves in long conversations with the sweet old neighbors on our street (resulting in being late to work on many occasions!) and i don't know how we got so lucky to have blue ribbon bakery on our street corner (best brunch in all of new york!) but now, we feel we are ready to move on.

there is (thankfully) nothing like apartment searching in new york city. looking at many, many apartments (most you could never imagine yourself in) and when you do find one you love, you have to act lightening-fast. handing over tax information, pay stubs, bank statements and thousands and thousands of dollars. i don't think there is a way to go about this process and not stress out a bit (or a lot).

emily and i have spent the past week looking for our next place to live and we have signed a new lease. it's hard to believe we have lived here a year already. i can't imagine packing up our apartment in two weeks. i can't imagine walking down other streets to get home (though we are only moving down houston street). but i am excited. the second chapter in our new york city story. emily and lindsey take on the lower east side.


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