Sunday, January 17, 2010


it has been terribly cold in new york for the past few weeks and i have been spending as little time as possible outdoors. i don't know how i lived and thrived in vermont for so many years, i am such a baby when it comes to chilly weather. my earmuffs are the most essential part of my wardrobe and during the winter months, i can barely remember what it feels like to ever be warm. but, somehow on saturday, the temperature was up in the 40s and the sun was out shining. the emilys, richard and i spent our entire afternoon wandering around soho and the lower east side. soho is a wonderful neighborhood to stroll through, the buildings are all beautifully unique and every person on the street is dressed beyond stylish. you can't help but to feel fancy and love manhattan. i was even able to wear my most favorite royal blue shoshanna autumn jacket - which always puts a smile on my face.

sweet treats



and once again, i am ending this weekend with a feeling of wild love for my city, the endless adventures it provides and for my perfectly fun friends.


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