Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the hostess

annie is letting me tell this story. i couldn't stop laughing when she told me of her day's adventure but, it also twists into some message, kind of. i hope i can explain this well. here goes!

annie's after-college-plan was to travel around south america. she left for argentina in the middle of october. she returned at the end of june. as she says, she went down there to enjoy and live her life. and she did. she had an internship, but it wasn't incredibly serious and she spent most of her days frolicking around buenos aires. making eyes with the cute candy vendor on the street, traveling the continent, entertaining visiting family and friends, learning spanish with her boss's mother and gallivanting around the city with her lovely new friends.

after her south american escapade, she returned to maryland and immersed herself in craft projects and visits to thrift stores. which was a perfectly fine time - until it wasn't. and she was ready to start the daunting after-college-job-search.

so she begins her day looking for jobs on craigslist. while browsing, she comes across a job posting for a host. a nationally televised chef, also the owner of five restaurants, is looking for a host. "how exciting," thought annie. and it was a perfect position to apply for, because she had been a server at one of the chef's local restaurants last summer. so she begins the process of writing a cover letter. two and a half hours later, she rearranges her resume to fit the particular job and her cover letter is perfect. very thoughtful, connecting her experience as a server at this restaurant to the attributes that would make her a delightful addition to his cooking show. (and i must say, that as long as i have known the girl, she has had a serious love for the food network - so a career in hosting her own show may be in her future.)

she thinks positively and sends her resume and cover letter to the office. a short time later, she receives a phone call.

"annie! we didn't know you were back from argentina! you should have told us! of course you can be a hostess! we can work you into the schedule!"exclaimed her old boss at the restaurant. this host position was not for television.

this is a cockeyed situation for several reasons:

  • a person usually gets a hosting job when they are young. usually in high school. annie has already been a server at this restaurant (and others). that is steps above in the restaurant world. she just demoted herself.
  • and she wrote a very contemplative cover letter expressing her desire to be a hostess. even using words such as "integrity" and "enthusiasm." she wrote how her experiences as a server (again, steps above this position!) will help her become a host. a job without usually much on one's resume - let alone a position that would require a cover letter.
  • and she can't tell anyone at the restaurant about this mishap because she would look absolutely batty. one would likely assume that a "host" position in this situation would be for a restaurant, and not one for television.

but it is just one of those silly situations. that once you realize what's going on, you see that you were thinking in the complete opposite direction of what was meant. very common. "it is one of those moments where you think the whole world is focusing in on you and you can't see the logic. i don't know... it's absurd," annie said. but i don't think it's that absurd. it's a different view, really. seeing things in a different way. a friend and i were talking a few weeks ago, about seeing a ballet performance in the orchestra seats or from way up in the balcony- and we concluded that there is no better or worse way to view. there are many angles in a theater, you can see the lovely, sparkling details or you'll be able to fully grasp the grandiose scenery. it's a different look - all to be enjoyed.

it is having a different view on the world and recognizing that sometimes it's important not to take things too seriously. annie did not feel dumb, she instead felt a bit silly and was able to laugh. what a mistake to make! she simply thought in the most colorful and extravagant direction. her view puts a bit of pep into things, no?

anyway, in good spirits, annie is thinking of taking up the offer. after all, she does need a job and could use a little money for a vacation up to burlington, a true wonderland, in a few months.


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