Monday, January 25, 2010


a month ago, i wrote how weekend time was practically perfect. well, i found something even better. grandparent time. similar to hours spent on the weekend, everything is at a leisurely pace - except with an abundance of food and stories about the good ol' days.

i spent the weekend with my grandparents, who live fairly close by in brooklyn. it was wonderful! i haven't spent time alone with them at their house since i was seven, it has always been with my entire family. this visit was long overdue. i would say meals lasted hours, but they really lasted the entire day. (lindsey, would you like scrambled eggs for breakfast? yes! would you like a bagel? yes! would you like waffles? no! would you like another bagel? no! ice cream?...) i heard many lovely stories about the first dates my grandparents had together and what my mother was like when she was younger. they kept my mom's room fairly similar to how, i imagine, it was when she was growing up, so there were tons of drawers to explore and pictures to look at. and it was all at a very slow and thoughtful pace.

then i traveled happily back to manhattan, toting an assortment of treats (including lovely embroidered handkerchiefs, knitted shawls and various symphonies on record).

and, the pièce de résistance, nana re-enforced all of the buttons on my coat! love!


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