Tuesday, July 27, 2010

series of events

emily ran back upstairs and checked to make sure she unplugged something in the apartment. then we joked about my outfit (my blazer made it feel very teen-vogue-back-to-school) and we stopped to take a picture. and just as we were about to turn the corner to the bus stop, it drove by us. emily decided she was going to brave the (less than pleasant) m15 bus from 1st avenue and i would just take a cab up to midtown. then we started talking and i convinced her to stay and that we were actually early and that was probably just a late-earlier bus. we stayed and five minutes later, ours came. i had the privilege to go on first since i convinced her to stay and wait (even though the bus is usually empty and we take the same seats everyday). then emily went to work and i continued on up third avenue, daydreaming, and i didn't signal a stop and the driver passed 40th street. i got out on 42nd and passed by a crowd of people unintentionally wearing pastels, including a young man in a light green suit (love!). the elevator was on the first floor of my office building and i felt lucky that i didn't have to wait like i usually do for it to come down from the top floors. three other people were inside and as the door was closing, a woman tried to put out her arm to set off the elevator's motion sensor. but the doors kept closing, she wasn't able to get on, and then everyone inside giggled.


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