Friday, July 30, 2010


lucky for me, my office closes early on fridays during the summer. so i spent the afternoon packing away some old clothes, i drank tea, listened to grace potter and read lula (probably my sixth/seventh time reading this edition and reallyreallyreally excited for the new one to come out). i got to see the beautiful golden-sunset light up my bedroom. i am thankful for having tall ceilings and for having two windows and twice the sunlight.

and jess is here! i have such a love for her! we lived in the same dorm in college, i was a sophomore and she was a freshman. i would remember that the first time that i met jess was at a party. she was chatting up a storm about (none other than) designer jeans. annoying! but that wasn't the very first time we met, it was weeks before. the night that i met jess was when she heckled me on the first night of school. i was going out with my girlfriends and she was on someone's porch on pearl street. she is such a jerk! and then heckling became one of our favorite pastimes to do together. along with arts-and-crafting and honest chats over dominos kickers. she toted around a smoke-colored metallic juicy couture handbag everywhere she went and she also got a tattoo that year (that i don't think she'd would want me to tell on here what it is but, it's a crown and i always feel free to make fun of her for it.) and that's the joy of jess. she's the kind of friend that you can laugh with through any situation. you can be completely honest with her because that is how she is. she is probably the most honest person i know. for better of for worse but definitely for better.

and she is moving to manhattan! and on the hunt for an apartment near mine. happy weekend!


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