Tuesday, July 13, 2010


it was my third time in paris in the past three years and so i feel very lucky! paris is one of my favorite cities. it reminds me of downtown manhattan. fancy and glamorous and at times, casual. our hotel was around the corner from the opera garnier. days were spent waking up late-ish, taking leisurely strolls and then indulging in decadent pastries.

i was traveling with my mom (thanks for such a wonderful trip!) for two weeks and being used to all of the alone time that i have living in nyc, i told her that i needed a day to myself to recharge. so my mom went off to the louvre and i decided to spend my day in the most leisurely way. i went out and bought a few fashion magazines and wandered over to the palais royal to sit within the rows of trees.

and then i traipsed around the streets and ended up at the opera steps. i spent hours just reading and people watching.



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