Friday, July 30, 2010

odds and ends

here nor there;
  • canceling my gym membership and joining a ballet class was the best decision of 2010. not only is it insane exercise, i love how the studio is in a building overlooking manhattan. i love the music and the gracefulness. i appreciate dancing so much more now than when i was taking it growing up. i love the girls in my class and my instructor. everything came back so easily and i am happy.
  • looking forward to multiple picnics in the park this weekend and out-of-town friends visiting! and baking fruit tartlettes.
  • the woman at the cafe (where i get my breakfast in midtown) would have ruined the bachelorette for me, except i already know what happens (still will have a bach viewing party on monday though!)
  • every time i watch that susan boyle clip (of her first appearance in front of simon, etc.) i am inspired!
  • joan rivers. hard workin' woman. go see her documentary, a lot different than you would think.
  • tomato sauce, cheese, corn, onions and chex mix is the perfect recipe for a perfect stew.
  • sophomore year of college, i took a class on obesity. there must have been around 200 kids in the class, it was held in a massive auditorium. the teacher was strict and the room was silent as we took notes on her slides. one day, liz had annie call her phone so her ring-tone would go off. everybody dance now by c+c music factory. LOUD. in a silent room. everyone seemed confused and then the professor burst out laughing. then everyone else did, too. people remembered that for years after. very proud these were my roommates.
  • oh and read this! eloise at condé nast. it's RAWTHER amusing.

gaby's birthday night
july 23, 2010


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