Sunday, July 25, 2010


things seem to be shaken up right now. i'm experiencing extremes and i can tell my world is shifting a bit. but every little occurrence that seems a bit off center reminds me that it's okay when things are askew. i got back to new york last sunday night [after being away for two and a half weeks in the south of france] and it has been a whirlwind. exciting changes at work, ballet lessons, park days and parties. all tinged with the sadness of my cat dying unexpectedly on tuesday. she was the greatest. highs and lows. 

i spent the past few days wandering. most people try to escape the city on the weekends, but i just wanted to be here. reconnect with my neighborhood. reconnect with friends, with myself. i missed how beautiful new york is.

here are a few things i've seen lately:

the loveliness of draping necklaces over mirrors

orange under flowers

this large font

getting treats to eat in the park

on saturday, richard and i spent the afternoon reading mags in tompkins square park. then we went back to his apartment. he ate pasta salad and i had a slice of bread and cupcake frosting. his apartment was freezing cold and i stayed until i decided to go home and pick up dinner at whole foods. even though we live only ten blocks apart, i was going to hop on a bus since i was wearing never-been-worn loafers and they were starting to hurt. i couldn't find my metrocard. i started to walk and ended up picking up a bag of pretzel-dorito-cheeto party mix from a bodega, rethinking the whole foods idea. i tried to find a duane reade to buy a pair of plastic flip-flops, but stumbled into ANNA instead. i had never seen this store before and felt lucky i had found it. a divine little shop in the east village, stocked with all things lovely in a downtown-girl way. i found a necklace made of brass and iridescent glass leaves by reverie, a nyc-based jewelry company that makes one-of-a-kind pieces from vintage findings. an early birthday present to myself.

and those few hours on that sunny saturday afternoon pretty much epitomized my entire week. everything seems to be more of a journey lately. i really don't know what to expect anymore, but it's ok. 


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