Friday, August 27, 2010



  • lack of posting has been due to running around the city and feeling really creative (more on that another time).
  • also, when i'm actually in my apartment, i've been doing some serious redecorating. and if you've been in my room, you'd know that it is a place filled with my favorite things in the world. and after tons of recent ponderings, i decided i needed a change. i have been spending my birthday-monies on buying vintage floral fabrics to put in beautiful picture frames all over my walls and i bought a wildly perfect, floral statement-duvet. it's been a huge process but i think it's starting to come together well.
  • summer in manhattan is pretty brutal but fall is on its way.
  • with the seasons changing, the entire city changes. winter is my favorite. then fall. then spring and summer. but that order was definitely reversed when i lived in vermont. and out of all of the seasons, i'd probably pick the spring as my overall favorite. it's all relative, of course.
  • and speaking of winter, a cozy feeling is: the light pollution when it snows. and the feeling that you're inside still. or at least you're not really outdoors.
  • latest love: emmentaler cheese.
  • and talking to friends who knew you when you were younger and what you were like five years ago. ten years ago.
  • also, reading old diaries and seeing how i used to react to situations. especially at the end of high school/in in the beginning of college. i was so spunky.
  • note: be spunkier.
  • trying to photograph your hand seems along the same line as listening to a recording your voice on an answering machine.
  • i like how jenna, and i have noticed this about her forever, always says "comfortable" pronouncing every syllable. com-for-ta-ble.
  • and that i received a lovely card from her today!


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