Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sweet birthday

today i am twenty four!

it turned midnight and i was with emily and justin and we were sitting on the daybed in the living room. we were listening to french pop music and eating beef jerky and then i was officially twenty four. emily gave me a jeweled cell phone case (that i've been talking about for months but never actually bought) and tickets to blues traveler in a few months. she bought tickets for herself but also gave me two, so we'll go together but i can also choose someone to bring. it excites me to think of the future and just who i will end up bringing.

and then i went to bed with the happy thought of not going into work today. i lovelovelove my job and everyone i work with but as emily's dad says, do not work on your birthday. i'm spending my day exactly how i please and it feels wonderful. i've been enjoying the people who are out during the day downtown. there is a whole other world going on while i'm up in midtown during the week. i dream of freelancing at some point while i live in the city. it seems so lovely. i woke up late today (9:30) and listened to records and enjoyed the sunshine in my room. i made a wish at 11:11 and left my apartment.

the weather today in new york is beautiful and i am very thankful and happy for that. i went to housing works bookstore on crosby street and found the only copy of the bell jar, just what i was looking for. i read it yearsandyearsandyears ago and i am so excited to read it again. i don't think there is an edition for it that i can download on my kindle and that is perfectly fine. the bell jar is definitely a book i want to read and have and experience.

and now i am at tea spot. my favorite place for tea. or maybe just in general. i used to come here a lot when i first moved to the city. i lived a few blocks away and would come here whenever i could. i love the atmosphere, it's such a gem. i always get the same pot of white peony tea and add tons of sugar and milk. i always sit in the back with my laptop. today i also brought my old diaries to read from the past few years. i love being here. i love enjoying tea. i feel so happy right now.

after i finish my tea (i've been here for hours, very leisurely), i'll be picking up cake supplies and will bake a massive cake for my friends who will come over later tonight and eat it with me. we went to rosa mexicano on friday night to celebrate too, but tonight i just want to do something low-key and see the people that i love!

every year, i have the same gift to myself. actually, it's not a gift so much as a thought. a reminder to live a life filled with happiness, beauty and adventure.

me and a few of my lovely girlfriends from friday night:


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