Friday, August 20, 2010


  • every now and then, i will pick up a bonne bell lip smackers lip gloss at duane reade. usually in some sort of vanilla frosting or cotton candy flavor. it gives me as much joy as it did when i was eight. i also usually lose them within the week. just as i did when i was eight.
  • i can't really justify cat-calling. especially when it takes place in midtown during work hours. or any time. but i am beginning to, on some occasions, think of it a bit differently (depending what is said, of course). this week i've been told that i had a beautiful dress on, i have great style, i look good and (when i had a side braid on wednesday) that i resemble pocahontas. okay!
  • it is weird when people are in a conversation at a bar and they are both (slightly/slowly) dancing to the music at different times.
  • jenna asked me if i had ever seen a cockroach before. this made me laugh. also making me laugh recently, various friends' harrowing tales of roaches. everyone has a story and everyone's is the worst.
  • my bus driver was a bit snippy to me a few weeks ago when i questioned him for passing my stop because i didn't hit the signal button. i contemplated telling him to not be a grump (i didn't) but ever since, we've been getting along so well each morning and i guess in some relationships, rough patches are necessary.
  • while vacationing in france last month, i didn't use conditioner in my hair once. in two weeks. i came back and my hair was a big nest. at my blow-out appointment last weekend, it took two men to comb through my hair at once as i read the new issue of marie claire with MK on the cover. i felt like a celebrity, except it was only it was by default. and my hair came back to life (for a bit) - but now it's back to nest. i can't run my fingers through it. such is such.
  • best line from muppets take manhattan:
    kermit (as phil philips): me? in love with a pig? wait 'til i tell the guys in marketing.


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