Monday, August 02, 2010

all right

since i've been back from france, everything has kind of flipped upside down for me. in a lot of ways, for the better. but still, so much change has made me a bit loopy and i feel luckyluckylucky that jess came to stay the weekend. especially since she was only going to stay until saturday morning and she stayed until sunday night (typical). we had a lovely brunch at lovely day, then strolled around with ashley, shea and molly, had tapas at boqueria with jess' cool older sister (check out the awesome shoes that she designs - marais usa) and went to a rooftop party in williamsburg. i hung more streamers and created a day-bed in the living room and we watched titanic until they hit the iceberg. after that, the movie is too high-stress.

jess is worse than my mom when it comes to always being on her blackberry. if that's possible.

friendship bracelets from babel fair


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