Thursday, September 17, 2009


for the past eight months, the doorman at my office building has been calling me ashley. he must have misheard me long ago. ashley and lindsey do sound quite similar. every morning he greets me with a cheerful "hello ashley!" and usually lets people get on a crowded elevator and saves an empty one for me. he remembers that i work on the 7th floor and will press the elevator button for me. i think this is particularly nice because there are 22 floors and so many people that he would have to remember in order to press their correct floor, so i must be one of his favorites. but for some inexplicable reason, i just never corrected him on my name. and then it became too late. there is no way i can tell him now. nevertheless, i have come to really appreciate that he always makes the effort to greet me by name and it brightens up my morning.


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