Saturday, September 19, 2009

the importance of knobs

annie lived in buenos aires from october to june, and in that time she missed our big move to the big apple. so when she came to visit, five days after arriving back to the united states, we had a lot of business to attend to in regards to what treasures i have collected in this time. a shared love of home decorating first bonded us together. so the beautiful sun was shining through my window, causing my room to be perfectly sun-drenched as we sat on my bed looking at everything i have accumulated and old favorites i have kept. we admired. and we remembered. and then, we realized that there was one thing that did not fit with my scheme of vintage floral loveliness, my dresser knobs. one dozen silver, cylindrical, modern knobs. they simply did not work. it started to drive us crazy. fifteen minutes later, we were dressed, out the door and off to anthropologie. we were officially knob shopping. this is a more detailed process than you might expect. there are so many beautiful options. but when we saw them, we knew. and what i ended up with was perfection. white and gold and for the top two, beautiful yellow flowers! classic with a bit of whimsy!


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