Thursday, September 24, 2009

a well-rounded young woman

my friend ashley lightheartedly says that she has a dowry. she has a collection of beautiful things (mainly home related items) that she has obtained over the years that she will put into use at an unidentified time. i love the idea of this. to have a compilation of things that you love and are delighted by for when there is a purpose for them.

i have been thinking lately of a collection, not necessarily of possessions, but rather a variety of talents. a trousseau of wonderful and remarkable party tricks, fascinating subjects to talk about and ingenious crafty endeavors. to entertain myself and to charm others! isn’t that a wonderful thought? to stretch every possible interest you might have and to learn about it. right now, i have a bunch of random things going on in every different direction. some are simple, and some are not. my blog is a wonderful place to record these and to share my ever expanding repertoire. i will begin to post more about this in future entries. this weekend, i am going to be bird watching in prospect park, but for tonight, i am teaching myself a fairly impressive card trick. just in case.


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